Herstory, 2019
This feminist art piece was inspired by the creative prompt “making herstory.”
At first I thought about the idea of women being hidden from the pages of history, which led to thoughts about the burdens women have carried, which in turn led me to the image of Atlas holding up the world…and viola! I had the idea of a female Atlas.
She is holding up a giant history book while a new generation of women reach for the stars. They are breaking free from history while being raised up on the shoulders of those who came before.
I could have drawn this Atlas as suffering, but I decided to make her a smiling, confident Goddess who is proud to lift others up. Her hair is a waterfall and trees grow at her feet.
Posters are available in my shop, here.
Women’s History Month is March.
Positive feminist art by Lindsey Deets for Women’s History Month.
Herstory is a positive feminist art print by Lindsey Deets for Women’s History Month.
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