Lindsey Deets is a watercolor and digital artist specializing in colorful and unique depictions of succulent plants and modern women.
She began her freelance career as a digital artist working in mobile and console games starting from 2011 and in recent years switched her focus to watercolors and a more flat editorial style.
Lindsey is currently experimenting with video content on her YouTube channel she started in 2021. You can join her for vlogs, sketching, and painting here.
Art Prints are shipped directly to U.S. customers from her in-home studio shop at
International customers may find some of her prints and merchandise for sale on RedBubble.
Available for contract work.
2007 – 2010 | California State University, Fullerton 
BFA – Illustration, BA – Japanese
summa cum laude
2006 – 2007 | Waseda University, Japan

2004 – 2006 | San Francisco State University
2016 – 2017 | Dasguud Entertainment - Trail Mix
Lead Artist – 2D Assets and Animation 

2011 – 2015 | Demiforce, LLC - Trism 2
2D Environment and Asset Artist

2011 | Reverge Labs, LLC - Skullgirls
2D Character Cleanup Artist
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